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Devon Diversity for 2020-2021 School Year


As we navigate our way through this unprecedented school year, the Devon PTO is committed to ensuring that our students, teachers and families are part of an inclusive community, where diverse groups of all backgrounds feel represented, accepted and supported. For the 2020-2021 school year, we are excited to launch our diversity initiatives with the goal of ensuring such an environment for our children. The three key Devon Diversity programs we are looking to start off the school year with include:


DES Dragon Buddy Family Program

Please visit the Devon Dragon Buddy Exclusive page to learn more about this program.


‘Courageous Conversations’ Parent Dialogue

The Devon PTO is hosting a monthly forum to provide parents a safe space to initiate and engage in open dialogue around diversity-related topics. Some examples of proposed topics are: How to Talk to your Children about Race and Racism, What it means to be an Ally, How to model Anti-Racist and Inclusive Behavior to your Kids, How to Prevent Silent Racism and Microaggressions, What our Community can do to Increase Awareness around Race, Racism, Identity, Inclusiveness and more.


We had a meaningful and engaging first discussion in September, discussing 'How to Talk to your Kids about Race & Racism'. Parents who participated shared how it was great opportunity to "be vulnerable", "listen and learn", "provide a platform to continuing the work towards addressing and dismantling systemic racism in our communities"


This forum is being offered as virtual, small group (up to 8 participants) discussions, and facilitated by our Devon PTO Diversity Chairs - Debbie McKetta and Deb Dion. Specific questions to guide the discussion and details regarding the virtual format are sent to participants prior to each session.


'Impact of COVID on our T/E Community through an Equity Lens', a topic recently addressed at the T/E School District Diversity Committee Meeting.  Click here to join the conversation on 3/2 from 730-9:00pm

Questions for the discussion and a link to the virtual meeting will be sent to participants in advance of the session. 

A reminder that the Devon PTO is offering these conversations as a safe space for open dialogue for parents to share, listen, and learn around diversity-related topics.


If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for future topics for discussion, please email


Diversity Lending Library


Diversity Lending Library

The Devon PTO has collaborated with the school to create a “wishlist” of books with diversity- related themes, and with characters and stories that represent many cultures, to make available in the library and classrooms when school reopens. We will create a special section in the school library where parents, students, and teachers can take out books from this section, and use these wonderful picture books as a tool to learn about and discuss diversity topics. We will be asking parents that would like to participate to visit our wish list and purchase a book for the Devon Diversity Lending library! If you have questions, concerns or additional ideas to contribute to our Devon Diversity programs for this school year, please email the diversity team!


Amazon Wish List Link:



Please email the Devon Diversity team with any questions.