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DES Dragon Buddy Family Program


With the school year underway, and some students back in-person in school, we wanted to remind families about our Dragon Buddy Family Program! This program serves to connect new and existing families with other DES families to offer support, whether it be with virtual or hybrid learning, or seeking other types of guidance.


How does the Dragon Buddy Program work?

If you are a family who is….

  • new to the school
  • seeking support with virtual or hybrid learning
  • seeking help in navigating the school
  • system seeking social connections can reach out to a Dragon Buddy ‘Host’ Family via our Family Directory on our Devon PTO website. We have simplified this program since last school year, to allow for direct outreach between families through the Devon PTO website Family Directory


How to Connect with A Dragon Host Buddy 
We now have a field in the Family Directory profiles to indicate if a family is a ‘Dragon Host’ Family, which would show as ‘Yes’ if they are, with contact information included.


For example, if you are seeking a family of the same grade and teacher, you can sort and filter the directory profiles to find a ‘Host’ family. We will also be adding a field for ‘Languages spoken’, if there are Host families looking to indicate this within their profiles, so that other families can search based on this field.


Please note: you must have a free registered ‘Membership Toolkit’ account to view the Family Directory. To register for a free account visit:


Interested in becoming a Dragon Host Family?

We are seeking families that have been at Devon for at least 1 year to become host families! You will serve as a main resource to new or other existing Devon families. This is a great way to get involved in the Devon community, build friendships, and support the school on your own schedule!


We’ve made it quick and easy to sign-up to be a Host family -- just go to your Family Directory profile and click on ‘Yes’ to the ‘Dragon Host’ field. You will now be searchable to families who are looking for Host families. See the video below. 



How-To Video to join or search the Dragon Buddy Program within your Free directory profile:



*The Devon PTO is in the process of updating Family Profiles with grade and teacher information, and will be updated in the coming weeks. This information should be updated by mid-September for the 2020-21 school year.


What is a Dragon Buddy ‘Host’ Family? 

A ‘Host’ family is any existing family at DES (can have student(s) in any grade) who will serve as a main resource to a family that reaches out to them. As a ‘Host’ family, we ask that you keep in touch with your ‘Buddy’ family throughout the school year to answer questions, provide support, and build relationships.


How can I sign-up to be ‘Host’ Family?

Send an email to the diversity team: here! We will add you to the list of families on this page, which will identify ‘Host’ families by grade. You will also be prompted to go to your Family Directory profile and click on ‘Yes’ to the ‘Dragon Buddy Host?’ field. If you have any questions or feedback about the program, please contact our Devon PTO Diversity Chairs: Debbie McKetta and Deb Dion