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Shop With Script


Make money for Devon Elementary doing what you already do! Shop where you already shop! Spending no more than you already spend! Just Buy your gift cards through your Devon Elementary's Shop With Script portal.


During these uncertain times, so much has been either been put on hold, postponed or cancelled. A big question has been how to continue to fundraise for our amazing school to continue to give back in ways while being socially distant. We are proud to announce we will be rolling out a new fundraiser called Shop With Scrip.


What is it?

Our fundraising team has been working tirelessly to learn and test the new fundraiser and it seems too good to be true, but with your families help, we can continue to raise money for all the wonderful programs for our kids and support our teachers without disruption. Here’s how it works: We, Devon PTO, earn rebates back from every gift card YOU buy through the site. There are hundreds of retailers and you get face value on every card you purchase. You can buy e-gift cards and receive them instantly, or opt to purchase a physical gift card and it will be delivered by Nese Foster. NOTE: Physical gift cards need to be ordered by November 12th, December 1st and 15th for holiday delivery.


Let's take a closer look

Let’s use ACME as our example. ACME cards pay back 4% on every purchase. If you spend $100 a week at ACME regularly, in a month spending $400, if you purchased a $400 ACME card through our program, you just earned $16 for Devon PTO. If we had 200 families buy the cards for there ACME shopping in one month, that’s $3200 earned!! With our families committing to this program, we have the potential to earn more money than we’ve ever earned before. The possibilities are endless. Some retailers will pay up to 20%. And as the holidays are approaching, just think of all the gift cards you can gift or purchase in anticipation of your shopping, and if bought through us, you’ll simultaneously earn our school $$$.


How to get started

You can log in through and download the app, RaiseRight. You will need our enrollment code, which is 62425A2D712L6 and link a bank account when you're ready to shop! We recommend using a bank account over a credit card because there is a fee charged to use the credit card. You can share this code with your friends and family near and far who may also be interested in buying gift cards, it is not specific to our geographical area!


Learn more

Watch this video about how it works and shoot us an email with any questions.


Back to school guide


We are SO excited at this new opportunity and thank all of our Dragon families for always doing what they can to make our community a better place for all!


Thank you,

The Devon PTO Fundraising Team


Please email fundraising at Devon Elementary School PTO with questions.