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Devon Birthdays

No food of any kind (cake, ice cream, snacks etc) is to be shared in the classroom to celebrate.  As an alternative, your child might also wish to bring in small prizes.  Please feel free to send in pencils, erasers, stickers, or bookmarks.  Ensure that there are enough for all in the class. 


Devon Birthday Tradition

Some optional birthday ideas for your Devon Dragon, these are grade specific. Your child's teacher will send a note home about birthdays but if not feel free to check out the list below:


Birthday Recess: The class will have a 5 minute indoor recess in your child's honor! 


Birthday Book: is to wrap a book for your child to open on his or her birthday.  This should be a book that is special to them.  They may share it with the class and donate it to our classroom library for everyone to read.  You may wish to include a nameplate inside with an inscription such as: "For Ms Smith's Class, in celebration of Bobby's 9th birthday on May 20, 2020"


Birthday Box: Decorate a box and send it in to the classroom along with index cards for each child. Each student in the class will write something nice about your child on the index card and drop it in your child's box to

take home. 


Birthday Show and Tell: Bring in one of your favorite items to school & tell us all about it! 


Birthday Game: Donate an indoor recess game to the class. Your child will show the class the rules and be the first to play. 


Birthday Autograph: Bring in something the rest of the class can sign (tote bag, shirt, pillow case stuffed animal)


Birthday Supplies: Bring in special supplies such as a fancy pencil, dry erase marker, eraser, grips or small notepad or party favor toy for each student. 



Weekend birthdays can be celebrated the Friday before.  Summer birthdays can be celebrated on your child's half birthday.