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Devon Birthdays

No food of any kind (cake, ice cream, snacks etc) is to be shared in the classroom to celebrate.  As an alternative, your child might also wish to bring in small prizes.  Please feel free to send in pencils, erasers, stickers, or bookmarks.  Ensure that there are enough for all in the class. 


Devon Birthday Tradition

An optional birthday idea for your Devon Dragon is to wrap a book for your child to open on his or her birthday.  This should be a book that is special to them.  They may share it with the class and donate it to our classroom library for everyone to read.  You may wish to include a nameplate inside with an inscription such as: "For Ms Smith's Class, in celebration of Bobby's 9th birthday on May 20, 2020"


Weekend birthdays can be celebrated the Friday before.  Summer birthdays can be celebrated on your child's half birthday.