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Get Involved with the Devon PTO


Volunteers Needed!

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Volunteering at Devon is Easy! 


Step 1. Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form

Step 2. Check out a PTO meeting

Step 3. Contact your homeroom parent &
see how you can get involved in the classroom 


The mission of the PTO is to promote a closer relationship, interest, and understanding between the home and faculty of Devon Elementary School for the benefit and enrichment of each child.


About Volunteering

The Devon PTO offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, regardless of the amount of time or experience you may have to offer. 


PTO Position Types
The following is a list of all the PTO positions types at Devon.

  • Board Position

  • Committee Chair Position

  • Committee Volunteer Position & Event Volunteer

Current PTO Positions

The following is a list of all PTO positions, with current positions highlighted. If you are interested in any of the available positions please visit the Our PTO page and click on the I am interested in this position link next to the position title. Please note there are many volunteer opportunities throughout the year at Devon, so keep an eye on the Devon Dispatch with updates.


Important Volunteer Information

Volunteer Requirements & Clearances page


Check out the upcoming dates we need volunteers 
Volunteer Opportunities Calendar


To see a list of current officers and committee chairs, visit the Our PTO page. 



What is the PTO?  
Devon's Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit with the goal to promote a closer relationship, interest, and understanding between the home and faculty of Devon School for the benefit and enrichment of each child.


Are PTO Meetings for Event Leaders & the PTO Board? 
No, PTO meetings are for everyone!  If you are a Devon Parent, you belong.  The more opinions, feedback and ideas that are shared, the greater benefit for each and every child.  


Is there a PTO membership fee? 


Do I have to volunteer to attend the PTO meetings? 
No.  Volunteering is optional.  Every person has a different capacity to give and be involved. And your capacity to volunteer will change from one year to the next. Determine what you can joyfully give and carry on the tradition of volunteerism at Devon while setting a great example for our kids.


What if I'm really busy? 
Devon's PTO is made up of men and women who have a wide range of daily commitments. Some work 60 hours a week, some are semi-retired. But most juggle work, bills, household chores, kids, sports and homework, just like you! Parents caring for toddlers & babies bring them along to meetings.


How does attending PTO meetings benefit my child?
So many of the wonderful activities and programs your child enjoys at Devon is because of the PTO!  Also, research shows that parental involvement within a child’s school increases their academic achievements and decreases behavior issues. Not only does being involved put you in direct communication with other parents and staff, it shows your child that you are interested and invested in their educational experience.


What if I can't make the meeting? 
Reach out to PTO President with your ideas, feedback or comments


Join the tradition of Devon Dragon Parents of supporting our students, teachers and staff.  

Whether you give an hour, join a committee or share an idea, it's parents like YOU that make Devon Stronger!  

You will surely find it's rewarding and fun!