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Welcome to the 2021-22 DEVON PTO 

The Online Student Directory & new PTO website has been made possible by parent & community contributions to the Devon Elementary PTO. Thank you! 


Our Parent Teacher Organization is an all-volunteer organization made up of dedicated parents & teachers who offer practical support for our school. Whether through time and talent or financial support & gifts we provide our school with activities & tools that may be outside the annual budget. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. 


Interested in Volunteering? We are NOW accepting interest forms. Please check below for open positions & fill out this form: PTO Volunteer Interest Form


 PTO Board 2021-2022


Dawn Mohr


Vice President 
Nicole Brigham



Nese Foster



Beth Fogarty 


Assistant Treasurer

Sandhya Alija



 PTO VP's & Committee Chairs 2021-2022
 If a contact email is not listed, please use the directory

 Communications - 2nd VP - Angela Sipe

  Devon Dispatch & News Blasts Editor: Beth D'Antonio

  Devon Website: Angela Sipe
  Student Directory: Molly Carter

  Parent/Teacher Liaison: Wendy Cook

  Social Media: Angela Sipe


 Cultural Arts & DELTA – 2nd VP  Nidhi Singh & Aarti Vaidy

  Arts Express Week: Alison Cornel, Tara Charron, Annie Kicack

  Art Goes to School: Steph Cowgill

  Endowment Fund: Cathy Rains


 Devon Diversity - 2nd VP Debbie McKetta

  Courageous Conversation

     I am interested in this position  (3 positions open)

  Dragon Buddy Program - Reps by Grade Level

     K: Tara Donnelly

     1st: Angela Sipe

     2nd: Lisa Perry

     3rd: Dola Goswami

     4th: Cory Townend

  Heritage Night: Maheen Nasir, I am interested in this position  (2 positions open)

  Lending Library: Sandhya Alija, I am interested in this position   (1 position open)


 Devon Representatives For T/E Organizations:

  ARCH: Tara Donnelly

  Dental Clinic: Amy Hewitt

  FLITE: Cory Townend

  T & E CARE: Kirsten Morris, Tara Donnelly 


 Fundraising – 2nd VP  Nicole Brigham

  Fall Trunk or Treat: Stephanie Scanlan, Shane Kawka

  Winter Camp Fair: Nese Foster, Adie Stickler, I am interested in this position (2)

  Spring 5K: Nicole Brigham

  Directory Advertising: Steph Cowgill, Lauren Amjed, Ashley Altomore

  Spring Fair: Lisa Perry, Tara Donnelly, I am interested in this position (1)

  Spirit Wear: Katie Lavelle 

  Dragon Dance: April Turoczi, Nese Foster 

  Handels Spirit Day: Lindsey Alleva, Kirsten Morris  

  Movie Night: Amy Purcell, Amanda Forcine, Alison Cornell

  Parent Social: Lisa Perry, Jen Esher


 Issues, Affairs, Programs - 2nd VP Kate Barry

  Beautification: Tara Donnelly, April Turoczi, Nese Foster
  Halloween Candy Drive: Jen Esher

  Inter-school Council Rep: Katie Lavelle

  MLK Service Project: I am interested in this position (1)

  School Clubs: Maureen Manfrey

  Sunshine Committee: Cory Townend

  The Green Initiative:  Tracy Viola, Molly Carter

  Devon Representatives For T/E Organizations:

          ARCH: Tara Donnelly

          Dental Clinic: Amy Hewitt

          FLITE: Cory Townend

          T & E CARE: Kirsten Morris, Tara Donnelly

 School Services - 2nd VP I am interested in this position (1)

  4th Grade In-School Store: Cory Townend, Angela Sipe, Kirsten Morris 

  Book Fair:  Kate Barry, Katie Rafter


  Health Screenings: Katie Rafter

  Picture Days: Shane Kawka

  Publishing Center: Jaclyn Durkin, Kerry Reed, I am interested in this position (1)

  Staff Appreciation: Jen Esher, Vanessa Cappell, April Turoczi, I am interested in this position (1)

  4th Grade Yearbook: Dawn Mohr
       Houghton: Kate Barry & I am interested in this position (1 position open)
       HuntI am interested in this position (+2)

       Silverman: Angela SipeDawn Mohr & Kirsten Morris

       Sterenczak: Bridget Gustafson & Ankita Sharma
Cory Townend & Carrie Reif


Social Functions - 2nd VP I am interested in this position (1)

  Fall Welcome Back Social: Tara Donnelly

  Fall Mileage Club: Lori Messina, Val Staub

  Spring - Field Day Coordinator: Cory Townend & Angela Sipe 

  Spring 4th Grade Party: Amanda Forcine & I am interested in this position (1)



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